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Who am I going to fuck first?


Easy money, Fast cars, glamour, Gifts How can any young girl resist such things? 18 years old and young and beautiful with men showering me with gifts so that in hopes that they would be able to get the chance to fuck my little tight young pussy.

At first I wouldn’t give it up because my friend was such a goody good. She wouldn’t drink or do any type of drugs. The club that we were working at was known for the things that happened in the VIP. It was basically allowed and encouraged. The men had to pay a hefty fine to be a VIP member, it was around $1,000 a year. But only VIP members were allowed to go up stairs, so they were less likely to get caught by police for prostitution.

There were well known and very important men that would show up in the VIP, from police chiefs, doctors, lawyers, other people well known in the community. So these men didn’t mind paying that fee every year. They also had police on the inside on the payroll to let them know if there was going to be a bust and they would warn all of the girls to not do anything down stairs for the week.  They would show up and go straight up stairs. There was a whole separate bar up there and they wouldn’t even show their face down stairs after that.

We all knew what they were there for. They wanted to get their dick sucked and fuck. Some of them wanted conversation with a beautiful girl and didn’t expect more. Those are the men I sat with at the time. My friend was watching me like a hawk so that I wouldn’t get mixed in with those girls that sold their bodies.

I was 18 But I was allowed to drink, they did tell me I needed to hide the drink. I was hiding it anyways from my friend, I didn’t want to hear her mouth. I think since we are talking about her so much lets give her a name, Snow Bunny. Lol since she was a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed girl. That would of been her stripper name.

Snow bunny ruined all the fun. hahaha!! She wouldn’t let me do anything at all. I had so many offers for sex for money, Ridiculous amounts of money!! But I always turn them down because Snow bunny would be watching me. She knew my family and friends and I didn’t want it to get back to my family that I was exchanging sex for money. I would have been mortified! So I continued to do my little dances with minimum touching.

The older men didn’t bother me that much. At first I just wanted to sit with the young attractive men. BIG MISTAKE! They don’t pay much or tip well, They just want to talk and try and make you their girl friend. I wish I knew back then what I know now. I’d tell my ass to get up and go make money and not waste time on them!!

Basically I was just a normal stripper, Dances and go home…. boring.

Until, I saved enough to buy a car… That’s when the fun began! I had my own car and now I didn’t need to depend on rides from snow bunny. I didn’t need her down my throat watching every move I made. I took full advantage of it. I started going when she wasn’t there and I could drink in peace. I made more girl friends and we would talk and they told me I was stupid if I didn’t fuck for money.

They said I could make twice as much as I did if I would fuck for money. I really started to think about it.

I would get so wet giving guys dances and end up going home and masturbating. I would think about the stories they told me. Like how their wife wouldn’t fuck them and that’s why they were in there. I would think bout sucking their dick knowing their wife was at home and it turned me on. These older married, established men wanted me so badly they would offer money that they could of gave their wife but they wanted to give it to me. It turned me on so much.

I’m going to do it…I decided why the hell not. I wanted to see what it felt like to fuck someone for money. My mentality was that house wives are basically live in whores. They got fed, took care of , clothed all in exchange for sex and cleaning and cooking… well all I had to do was fuck them and I could go home and not clean or cook for anyone but myself. So why the hell not?

Now, who am I going to fuck first?