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Where it all started

God damnit, if you have a daughter and she needs your help, fucking help her! I could have avoided a lot a misery if my dad would of just Helped me like I asked. So thus started my wonderful life of becoming a exotic dancer.

Well let me start off by describing how I look so you can get a little picture in your head of what I look like. I’m a light skinned Hispanic girl. I stand 5’3 inches tall. I weighed about 115 at the time. Light brown hair and light brown eyes. I have beautiful full lips like Angelina Jolie and a big round ass like J. Lo. I have regular small b size tits but perky and youthful. The first time I started dancing I was 18 years old. 

Drug free, alcohol free. I was already kind of promiscuous. But nothing like how I was soon to become. I was a young little girl in heat walking around with a wet pussy. Why the hell couldn’t my dad just help me out. I guess I was destined to be a little whore. 

I remember it perfectly because it was Christmas night when I first started dancing. I was terrified!! I had went with a friends girlfriend who was already a stripper. She was very intelligent and very beautiful. She told me not to drink and take drugs from anyone because she didn’t want to see me make this a life long profession. I’m glad she isn’t reading this because she would be so disappointed in me. Lol! 

I walked into the club with a borrowed sheer dress where you could see my nipples through it. I was so embarrassed and shy, I wanted to throw up. I needed the money so I sucked it up and was determined to do this. She took me to the back stage where no one was really at and proceeded to teach me how to “dance”. Sober, scared, embarrassed and ashamed were all the emotions I was having at this time. I’ll never forget how cold it was, my nipples were standing straight up.

I got my first customer, he was a rather large man. There was no lap to sit on because his belly overlapped his penis. I didn’t know if I should sit or what to do. My friend told him it was my first dance and he dared to ask for a discount…wow. Thank goodness my friend set him straight and let him know that it was a full price dance. $20 for a topless dance. Looking back at that, he was a cheap ass.

I danced standing up and he kept pulling me towards him and grabbing my tits. I was beyond uncomfortable! This was my first dance!! It ended rather quickly thank goodness! I was amazed I made $20 that fast! This was it… this is where I learned I could get money fast and quick. I still wouldn’t let guys touch me that much because I was scared. By the end of the night I made $800 dollars!!! TAKE THAT DAD!! 

I went home semi innocent, but that was just day one. I felt ok to show my breast, but I’ll be showing off my pussy soon. But that’s for another time. 

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Shut up and eat my pussy!

Nympho escort

Here I lie in my bed thinking about all of my past encounters. The lavish dinners and being spoiled with many wonderful and expensive gifts. The hot, steamy sex that to this day makes my pussy quiver. I can’t control these urges, to feel a man wanting me. To feel his eyes look up and down my body like it’s a drug and he’s craving more. That’s something you don’t get to experience after being in a relationship for years. The spark diminishes after a while and it becomes regular boring sex…. not the life for me. No thank you.

I live this secret and exciting life, full of crazy and wild sex but there’s also a down side. The disappointments of not being satisfied. But that’s ok, there’s other things for that. I carry a vibrator in my car and I will use it while I drive to get myself off after a disappointing client. But hey, he’s paying for it. I might as well have some kind of fun.


This blog will be about my many encounters and the men I see. I will also bring up past experiences and how it all started and how I got into the business. I’ll write in detail of my encounters, good or bad… lol. I want people to see what it’s really like to be an escort.