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Shut up and eat my pussy!

Nympho escort

Here I lie in my bed thinking about all of my past encounters. The lavish dinners and being spoiled with many wonderful and expensive gifts. The hot, steamy sex that to this day makes my pussy quiver. I can’t control these urges, to feel a man wanting me. To feel his eyes look up and down my body like it’s a drug and he’s craving more. That’s something you don’t get to experience after being in a relationship for years. The spark diminishes after a while and it becomes regular boring sex…. not the life for me. No thank you.

I live this secret and exciting life, full of crazy and wild sex but there’s also a down side. The disappointments of not being satisfied. But that’s ok, there’s other things for that. I carry a vibrator in my car and I will use it while I drive to get myself off after a disappointing client. But hey, he’s paying for it. I might as well have some kind of fun.


This blog will be about my many encounters and the men I see. I will also bring up past experiences and how it all started and how I got into the business. I’ll write in detail of my encounters, good or bad… lol. I want people to see what it’s really like to be an escort.


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